Council gesture makes comedian Charlie’s day

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A well known comedian from the seventies, Charlie Daze, has issued a big ‘thank you’ to Lisburn City Council for replacing a cherished Lisburn plaque that had been destroyed in a flood.

Charlie, who will be familiar to many for his many performances on popular shows such as ‘The Comedians’ and ‘The Royal Variety Show’, had paid a visit to Lisburn back in the 1990s at the request of local man Jim Emery.

Along with a host of other famous faces, Charlie performed at a special event at the Grove Activity Centre.

To thank him for his support the then Mayor, now Freeman of Lisburn, Ivan Davis, presented him with a Lisburn Council plaque.

Charlie had always treasured the plaque and his memories of Lisburn. However, a recent flood at his Jersey home destroyed the souvenir.

“I contacted Lisburn Council and they were kind enough to send me out a new plaque,” explained Charlie.

“I was so delighted that I wanted to thank them publicly for their kind gesture.” Former Mayor of Lisburn, Mr Ivan Davis, said he remembered Charlie well and he was pleased the council could replace the plaque for him.

“I well recall Charlie coming to the Grove Activity Centre at Jim Emery’s invitation, along with other personalities,” said Mr Davis.

“Everyone was delighted to see him, not only was he a first class comedian but a down to earth, generous, courteous man who has contributed much of his life helping others.

“He was delighted with the council plaque I presented to him and I was sorry to hear it had been damaged by a flood.

“I was pleased to learn the council ensured he received a replacement plaque.” A spokesperson for Lisburn City Council said: “Lisburn City Council is delighted that the replacement plaque sent to Mr Daze has been met with great enthusiasm and appreciation.

“Although Mr Daze lives in Jersey the Council is pleased that he wishes to display the Council Crest on his wall and hopefully he tells friends and family the history behind it.”