Conway Street gets white bar markings

Conway Street
Conway Street

White bar markings have been placed on Conway Street in an attempt to solve parking concerns.

Department for Regional Development (DRD) Minister Danny Kennedy agreed to the action after residents in the area reached out to him saying they were at their wits end because of mounting car parking issues and anti-social behaviour near their homes - including students urinating at the front of a church.

Councillor Ronnie Crawford approached the Minister on the matter on behalf of the concerned locals on the street situated off Wallace Avenue near to the SERC campus.

Mr Crawford said: “I am now happy to report that the lines have now been installed and coupled with action taken by the owners of the church car park, there has been a great improvement in access.

“I would like to thank Mr Kennedy for the application of common sense to this problem.”

Councillor Yvonne Craig who also represented residents on the matter said: “DRD have agreed to place white bar lines across the end of the private driveways in Conway Street.

“This will highlight where the driveway is and hopefully prevent cars parking across them in the manner they have been in the past.”

She continued: “The Roads Service have also agreed to place Conway Street on the list for Residents only parking.

“It’s amazing the difference a white line can make but hopefully it will go a long way to ease the parking issues in the area and not simply move them elsewhere.”

A Department for Regional Development spokesperson said: “Following concerns raised by residents and locally elected representatives, Minister Danny Kennedy agreed to provide white bar markings across each private entrance in Conway Street in an attempt to prevent obstruction by inconsiderate parking.

“This work has recently been completed and it is hoped that this will now address the difficulties faced by residents as a result of parking.”