Community urged to put hall to good use

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The community in Ballinderry is being urged to make use of an important and historical facility in the heart of the village - the Ballinderry War Memorial Hall.

The two storey building was constructed in honour of the men of the village who fought and died in the First World War.

It was once the hub of the community and hosted a wide variety of clubs and organisations.

However, over the years it has fallen out of use and now the hall committee are determined to return it to its former glory.

The hall committee have recently undertaken to spruce up the hall, giving it a lick of paint and tidying up the surrounding land.

They are hoping the local community will cherish this important building and make it the hub of the village once again.

“The hall has been neglected over the years,” said committee member Stuart Brown.

“We have raised some funds to improve the hall and we will also be holding a heritage day in September.”

“We want to bring the hall back to its former glory and would like to see the community using it again.”

Sir Robert H. H. Baird, K.B.E., D.L., on the occasion of his opening Ballinderry Memorial Hall, which was designed by Mr Robert Gibson, said: “In the splendid Ulster Division and other ranks, on sea and land, in many climes the young men of Ballinderry maintained the best traditions of their loyal countryside, and though many of them, alas, sleep the long sleep in Flanders fields where poppy’s grow and in other scenes of terrible combat, they secured for us the glorious peace.

“I think you are to be congratulated upon the form which you decided your memorial should take to the glorious dead-and not only them, but the noble band who were spared to return to their homes, not a few bearing the honourable scars of war.

This large, handsome, and thoroughly equipped hall will be of practical use to the living for many generations to come.”