Changes to Bridge Street

The Department for Regional Development are to make a number of changes to the control of traffic and parking places at Bridge Street which will come into effect from Wednesday, March 5.

Road Service have made a Statutory Rule The Control of Traffic (Bridge Street, Lisburn) Order (Northern Ireland) 2014 and The Parking Places on Roads (Bridge Street Lisburn) Order (Northern Ireland) 2014.

It will mean that from this Wednesday, the rule will remove the item relating to Bridge Street from the One-Way Traffic (Lisburn) Order (Northern Ireland) 1982. It will mean that vehicles, other than cycles, are prohibited from entering Bridge Street at its junction with Market Square and from proceeding along Bridge Street other than in a westerly direction. The rule will also introduce a no waiting restriction the length of Bridge Street.

The changes will also relocate a loading bay, remove a parking place for a disabled place and remove designated parking places from the street.

Copies of the rule may be obtained from Room 2-13 Clarence Court 10-18 Adelaide Street, Belfast or viewed online at