Causeway Manor fight continues

Fundraisers at Bow Street
Fundraisers at Bow Street

Residents in Causeway Manor are appealing to Lisburn City Council to approve a decision by the Planning Service to allow further development in the area.

At this week’s meeting of the Council’s Planning Committee, the Planners recommended the application for eighteen new dwellings at Causeway Manor be given the go ahead.

However, as thirteen letters of objection were lodged with the Planning Service, it was agreed that the decision would be deferred to allow an office meeting to be held to further discuss the application.

The Causeway Manor Residents Association said they were fully supportive of the development, which would mean that the estate’s unadopted road would be completed by the developer.

“There are eleven houses in Causeway Manor and we are all fully supportive of this development,” said Jonathan Sinclair from the Causeway Manor Residents Association.

“I understand that residents further down the road are concerned about the increased traffic flow but the reality is that those of us who live in Causeway Manor are unable to sell our houses because there is no road bond in place and mortgage lenders will not lend money as a result.

“This fight has been going on for eight years now and we are confident this new developer will put a road bond in place and complete the work that needs done. I have a four year old son who can’t play in the street because it is unsafe. We have a good relationship with the developer, and we are extremely supportive of this application.”