Car suspension repaired three times in a year

A Maghaberry woman whose car has had to be repaired three times in the past year said she has had a long running battle over the state of the Mullaghcarton and Maghaberry Road.

The woman said she had been complaining to the Roads Service for over a year.

“My front suspension has had to be repaired three times after hitting some of the potholes,” the woman said.

“I know several people who have narrowly avoided collisions as they, or other road users have been trying to avoid these potholes but then end up focusing on the road three feet in front of them and not the approaching traffic.

“The road has been marked up several times and nothing has ever been done short of a few crudely filled in patches which inevitably break up after a couple of weeks.”

Road Service said work to Maghaberry Road began last week.

“I first submitted a complaint about the condition of the Mullaghcarton Road/Maghaberry Road from Magheragall Lisburn into Maghaberry village over a year ago,” the woman continued.

“Recently I have also reported a poor road surface on Cross Lane (leading to Magheragall church on the Ballinderry Road).”

When contacted the DRD confirmed that work to the road scheme began last week.

A response to a question raised by Basil McCrea MLA on the woman’s behalf was provided by the Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy.

“The Mullaghcarton Road is inspected on an eight week cyclical basis and any identified defect considered to be hazardous to the public is processed for repair on a prioritised basis,” the statement read.

“During the period November 2012 to November 2013, approximately 100 recorded defects have been identified and repaired on the Mullaghcarton Road.

“Roads Service will continue to regularly inspect the area and carry out any safety related repairs that are considered necessary.”