Calls for urgent work on village footpaths

A local councillor has called upon the Department of Regional Development to undertake urgent maintenance work on the footpaths in Gloucester Park, Hillsborough.

Ulster Unionist Councillor Alexander Redpath made the call after complaints from constituents.

Commenting on the issue Councillor Alexander Redpath said: “There are a number of plants growing out of the footpath along the length of Gloucester Park.

“Of particular concern are a number of patches of moss which become very slippy in the wet weather.”

Mr Redpath said that local residents were being put at risk the longer the paths were left untreated.

“A constituent fell recently and could have been seriously injured,” continued Mr Redpath.

“I have contacted Road Service and provided them with details of the defects.

“Road Service have assured me that a site inspection will take place as soon as possible.

“I hope action is taken immediately before any further accidents occur.

“This is a very busy footpath used by residents and dog walkers on a regular basis.”