Call for action at Knockmore Road junction

A Star reader says something must be done to improve the junction of Brokerstown Road with the Knockmore Road before there is a “serious collison”.

Reacting to a post on the Star’s Facebook page about Roads Service agreeing to introduce a new sequence at traffic lights in an attempt to ease congestion and help the flow of traffic, Craig Livingstone posted his concerns.

He wrote: “Would there be any chance they could look at doing something with the Knockmore Road at the Brokerstown Road junction? It’s a nightmare trying to exit onto the Knockmore Road due to the volume of traffic and its only a matter of time before there’s a serious collision.”

He continued: “The new developments in there have been built more than five years now and continue to grow yet the only signs of sorting this junction is that there’s a meeting to take place.

“It should have been sorted at the land development stage or alongside the build - not five or so years later and still waiting on a meeting.

“Its just not good enough.”

Ulster Unionist Councillor Alexander Redpath, seeing Mr Livingstone’s post, said he would look into it.

He commented: “I was recently successful in convincing the Road Service to vary the traffic light sequence at Seymour Street and Wallace Avenue. Off the back of this success and the Star’s reporting of the story a constituent approached me regarding traffic problems at the junction of the Brokerstown Road and Knockmore Road.

“I am familiar with this junction and the difficulty involved in pulling out onto the Knockmore Road especially at rush hour. I have raised the issue with Road Service and hopefully we can come up with a solution.”

Star reader Paul Robinson reacted to Mr Livingstone’s post writing: “Just into the development is a section where the Brokerstown Road is due to meet the main road into the development, and a set of traffic lights were due to be installed that was according to the foreman years ago and nothing has been done.”