Major Armed Forces manhunt launched

Brigadier Ralph WooddisseSub
Brigadier Ralph WooddisseSub

The Armed Forces in Northern Ireland are launching a major manhunt, looking for recruits to join local regiments.

Changes to the Armed Forces have opened up thousands of regular and reserve posts for applicants across Northern Ireland, including posts at Thiepval Barracks in Lisburn,

In the Irish Regiments alone there are 200 posts waiting to be filled with the Irish Guards, Queens Own Hussars, Royal Dragoon Guards and Royal Irish Regiment.

And the hunt is being stepped up to fill the growing Reserves footprint in Northern Ireland with up to 1000 posts in the Army Reserves at all ranks waiting to be filled.

Add to this the opportunities across the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force which are both also growing their reserves in Northern Ireland and the openings and skills available are immense.

And to highlight the vacancies the Armed Forces are stepping out from behind the wire with a huge Jobs and Trades Fair at the Kings Hall in Balmoral, Belfast over the last weekend in August (30 and 31).

The current breakdown of regular units show the Irish Guards need 60 to reach full manning, the Queens Own Hussars and the Royal Dragoon Guards have 120 posts available and the Royal Irish Regiment is currently looking another 60 in the ranks.

With turnover it also means a need for a steady stream of recruits over the coming years in order to maintain the Armed Forces at peak.

The growth of the Army Reserves across Northern Ireland means immediate opportunities for medical staff, drivers, engineers, gunners and infantry across all counties.

The senior military commander in Northern Ireland, Brigadier Ralph Wooddisse says the opportunities for men and women with the Armed Forces are greater now than ever.

“We are constantly busy whether that is combat operations such as those recently in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya but also with humanitarian operation,” he added.