Concern over local NIEA job losses


Councillor Alexander Redpath has accused the Northern Ireland Environment Agency of sacrificing customer experience in order to meet budget cuts after it was revealed to him that ‘at least’ 80 workers in the body have had their contracts of employment terminated.

“Several NIEA staff members have approached my party colleagues and informed them that as direct fallout from the June Monitoring Round at least 80 workers have now lost their jobs.

“The final figure has not yet been confirmed and there are real concerns that up to 145 people may ultimately be affected.

“Whilst some of these jobs were temporary, I know that a number of the people affected have been working with the NIEA for years.

“The NIEA operates a number of sites in the Lisburn area including Hillsborough Fort and the depot outside Moira.

“Sadly this is yet another fallout of the shoddy deal agreed to by the DUP and Sinn Fein on the June Monitoring Round.”