‘Bow Street is not slippery’ says Council

Shopping In Lisburn - feature. US0612-506cd
Shopping In Lisburn - feature. US0612-506cd

Lisburn City Council has insisted that the new surface which has been installed in Bow Street has undergone rigorous tests to ensure it is slip resistant.

But that is not the view of people on the street, who say the surface is very slippery, especially during wet weather.

The Star has been inundated with complaints from readers who have slipped and fallen in Bow Street, with others saying they are avoiding the city centre as a result of the newly laid surface.

When the Star asked people on Facebook what they thought of the new surface, the response was overwhelmingly negative, with many concerned about how the surface will react to winter weather.

Despite this, the Council insists the new surface has been tested and that health and safety are a top priority during the ongoing public realm works in the city centre.

A spokesperson for Lisburn City Council said: “It is the responsibility of the Council’s main contractor to ensure the health and safety of the Public Realm Works in the City Centre.

“The Council has also engaged a professional team with a supervisory role in terms of health and safety, which provides advice and instructions where appropriate on the Council’s behalf.

“The Council can confirm that the newly laid surfaces, prior to be laid, underwent a series of slip resistance tests in a variety of conditions; and the selected surfaces achieved well above the required levels.

“The Council works continuously with relevant agencies throughout these works on all matters including health and safety.

“Lisburn City Council is unable to publicly comment on any individual reported incidents.”