Bible Ministry at First Lisburn

ON Sunday Evenings from November 4-18, First Lisburn Presbyterian Church will be holding a Bible Ministry with Desi Alexander.

The ministry is entitled ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told - From Eden to the New Jerusalem’ and will be held in the Upper Room from 6.30pm-8pm.

On Sunday, November 4, the subject will be ‘From Eden to the New Jerusalem’, on Sunday, November 11, it will be ‘Tracking the Lion of Judah’ and on Sunday, November 28, the subject will be ‘Finding the lamb of God’.

Over three Sunday evenings the ministry will explore the grand story of the Bible that defines what it is to be a Christian and has profoundly shaped western culture. Dr Desi Alexander is senior lecturer in Biblical Studies at Union Theological College and associate director for Post-graduate Studies in the Institute of Theology at Queen’s University, Belfast. He currently chairs the Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research, as well as Southern Theological Seminaries, a UK based charity committed to the establishment of a centre for theological education and vocational training in the south of Argentina. His recent books include From Eden to the New Jerusalem (IVP, 2008), Discovering Jesus (IVP, 2010), and From Paradise to the Promised Land: an Introduction to the Pentateuch (3rd edition; Baker, 2012). Dr Alexander has also been involved in several Bible translation projects, most recently working on the English Standard Version. He is a ruling elder in Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, an inner-city congregation in Belfast.

Prayer Healing Ministry Team will be available after the services. Those attending might find it helpful to bring a Bible. The Music Group will take part and tea will be provided afterwards for those who would like to stay and chat.