Bells Lane path closure temporary

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Lisburn City Council has answered concerns over the closure of a pathway at the junction of Bells Lane and Lambeg Road with confirmation that the move is a temporary health and safety measure.

Readers contacted the Star to complain after the path was fenced off.

Said one: “This laneway has been used by the public as a connection between the towpath and Aberdelghy woods for a long time; indeed I have been using the path for over 40 years and I am very disapointed with the closure.”

However, Lisburn City Council this week advised the closure was a health and safety measure to facilitate the clearance of the site for a new maintenance building adjacent to the golf course.

“The timescale for the closure of the path will be clearer next week following a meeting with the contractor,” a spokesperson said.

“The Council will bring to the contractor’s attention the concerns of residents and will endeavour to ensure the pathway is opened as soon as is safely possible.”