Alliance welcomes speed limit changes

A speed limit on the Hillhall, Ballylesson and Purdysburn Hill roads has been welcomed by the Alliance Downshire East candidate Aaron McIntyre.

The Roads Service announced that the speed limit would be reduced to 50mph in the near future instead of the national speed limit of 60mph.

Mr McIntyre said, “The Lagan Valley Alliance team have been working with constituents along this stretch of road for a number of years, and it is fantastic that the Roads Service have decided to reduce the speed limit from 60 to 50mph.

“If properly enforced this change should reduce the number of accidents along these main roads the main route between Lisburn and Castlereagh.

“It will also make it safer for vehicles using the roads which connect to the route, especially at the Ballyaghlis junction, which can be extremely dangerous at busy times due to excessive speeding by some.

“Although the Lagan Valley Alliance team welcome the speed limit reduction, we would like to stress that improvements to the roads should be considered in the long term and we will continue to liaise with them in regards to the changes outlined previously.”