A day in the life of a local Gym Manager

Pure Class.
Pure Class.

Jenny Lusty is the Manager of Pure Class Fitness based in Harmony Hill.

The married mother of two girls Hannah, seven and Lily two, is originally from Lisburn but now lives in Newtownabbey.

Jenny, who is also a personal trainer and fitness instructor developed an interest for health and fitness at a young age and completed various courses after she left school before entering the fitness industry full time.

I am usually awake by 6.30am. Once I’ve seen to my daughters I will get ready and start to look through my work emails.

I also run my own personal training business and I might have an appointment at one of my clients’ homes first thing in the morning.

When I arrive at the gym in Lisburn I make sure the facilities are ready for the first clients arriving. As well as managing the gym I take classes myself. I go over the choreography in my head and will practice the steps in the studio before the class begins. As well as my own classes I like to participate in other instructors’ classes. A typical class lasts 60 minutes including a warm up and cool down after which tea, coffee and protein shakes are provided. This gives members a chance to get to know each other.

We offer an incredible timetable of over 35 classes across two fantastic studios. In fact we are the first club in Lisburn to offer the Les Mills programmes - a New Zealand company that is the world’s largest provider of choreographed exercise-to-music group fitness classes.

There is a varied timetable with top exercise instructors so our members will easily find a class that suits them. We like to make sure that every person who walks through the door feels 100% comfortable and not intimidated.

When I’m not involved in a class I am updating our website and social networking pages. This is a very important aspect of my job as people want to have information at the click of a button.

We are also opening a gym in Belfast on March 16 and I am going to be managing that as well so I am currently busy preparing for this.

I spend a lot of time replying to enquiries about membership and classes we offer.

In the evenings I like to spend time with my children before they go to sleep. When they are settled I’ll respond to more enquiries and I could have a personal training session.

I work very hard but I do it for my family. I am very passionate about what I do and privileged that I can share my love of health and fitness.