Feast of activities for all at Hillsborough Village Centre

THE Hillsborough Village Centre at 7 Ballynahinch Road offers a diverse and engaging range of activities and classes to suit all age groups.

From pre-schoolers to over 50 s, there is most definitely something here to suit you.

Hobbies and interests covered include exercise, fitness and weight loss classes, musical, singing, dancing and theatre groups, language learning and Arts & Crafts.

The main hall of the Village Centre can be rented out for events such as concerts, fashion shows etc. The facilities are modern and well equipped and when they are not rented out, they provide a home to classes, workshops, training days and craft fairs.

Because the main hall is so well equipped, it is ideal for community groups, charities or other organisations attempting to raise money or funds. Upon renting the hall you get full use of the staging available, kitchen and of course the seating (which can set up to 330 people). You also get use of the modern audio-visual/PA system.

You may also be interested in the exclusive party packages, ideal for birthdays or similar celebrations for young children. Rooms can be booked for around £15-30, depending on the size of the group, for two hours and include use of the kitchen on site.

Other facilities include the Art Gallery. The sports facilities at the Hillsborough Village Centre offer an exciting experience for any enthusiastic sportsperson. The outdoor facilities can be used for tennis and football (both casual and club use) and can even be used in the evening time thanks to the floodlights. Inside sporting facilities can also be hired.

For up to date full details of all the groups and activities which take place, visit the website at www.hillsboroughvillagecentre.com

To book any of the facilities or for further information you can contact 9268 3015 or email info@hillsboroughvillagecentre.com