A loyalist invasion planned

IN November 1986 Lisburn Loyalists were to unveil a four point plan aimed a stepping up opposition to the Anglo-Irish Agreement at a massive rally in Hillsborough.

Details of the proposals would be included in a lengthy petition which was delivered in scroll form to Lisburn’s Mayor, Councillor Walter Lilburn at the gathering where thousands were expected to air their opposition to the Accord signed by Dr. Garret Fitzgerald and Mrs Margaret Thatcher a year previously.

The petiiton was signed by leaders of the Orange Preceptory, Apprentice Boys and Ulster Clubs in the borough, urged that the campaign of ‘withdrawl of consent’ be immediately stepped up.

It suggested civil disobedience, the initiation of a widespread publicity campaign in Great Britain and the exposure of what they described as the ‘lack of moral credibility’ as necessities and calls on Unionist candidates to fight marginal seats on the United Kingdom mainland in the next General Election.

The protestors were also to pledge themselves to reaffirm their unalterable opposition to the Agreement.